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Joey Bothwell

Joey Bothwell is a multi talented triple threat performer and has been producing theatre and live dance shows across North America, for over a decade. Hailing from Canada, she began her career as a professional dancer, working for Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruise lines.  She then  transitioned her focus to acting in film and television and had success on various t.v shows such as Supernatural and Psych as well as getting her first silver screen break alongside Halle Berry and Stellan Skarsgard in the Feature film Frankie and Alice.  Joey founded her first theatre company Secretly Women Productions in 2005 and Created the critically acclaimed dance company Burlesque Beauties LA. 


Neely Shamam

Neely Shamam is the Head of Programming at zone·tv where she is responsible for programming, defining, and scheduling their new platform of Dynamic Channels for pay TV. She has a side hustle as a script consultant, providing writers and producers with in-depth analysis and advice on how to improve their projects. Prior to zone·tv, Neely served as both a creative executive and director of programming for Disney-owned Maker Studios.  She oversaw the creative voice, programming, and development for their entertainment brand, and executive produced over 10 series distributed across multiple platforms (i.e. Hulu, TruTV, Youtube Red, go90, etc.). Neely is passionate about quality storytelling and the variety of mediums to express them.