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The incredibly talented and beautiful humans that make this production possible.


Sarah Jean Kruchowski  Director

Sarah Jean is a writer/director who has also written for Lifetime, Bad Robot and Sony. This year, Sarah directed two episodes of ABC 20/20's IN AN INSTANT.  In addition, she's written and directed commercials for Cheerios, Hamburger Helper, Delta, Mott’s  and 3M, as well as several shorts, which have played around the world at prominent film festivals and garnered several awards such as the Barbra Streisand Fellowship for women filmmakers, IFP Fresh Filmmaker Grant, and Hollywood Foreign Press Donor Award.  Most recently she was accepted into the Screenwriters Colony Comedic Episodic Lab.

In her spare time, Sarah Jean dabbles in experimental animation, co-hosts the podcast GARBAGETOWN and continues unsuccessfully to attempt to learn French.

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Eddie Mills  -  Slim

After a long hiatus from the theater, Eddie Mills is excited to return to the stage as Slim for  J.Bothwell’s production of COWBOY MOUTH. Eddie found his passion for the stage at an early age. As a theater major from UNC-Charlotte, he honed his craft until Hollywood called. 25 years later, he is proud to call himself a veteran to the industry.  He has landed many roles in national commercials, tv and film. He is an NAACP award winner for best producer for the stage production of The Wild Party for The Blank Theater Co. Some of his tv and film credits include Dancer, Texas pop 81, Dawson’s Creek, Sabrina the Teenage Witch goes to Rome, Devious Maids, Nashville, House, and Ally McBeal to name a few. And most recently, the kids caper, PAWS P.I. with Jon Lovitz.  Eddie is thrilled to be a part of this production and would like to thank Joey Bothwell for giving him this fantastic opportunity to howl at the moon.


                 Emma harris                 Associate Producer

Emma Harris has been working in theater, film, television and acrobatics for over 20 years. She has worked with artists and companies such as; Kinetic Theory Circus, Cirque Du Soleil acrobats, Lady Gaga, Perez Hilton, Playhouse, Vertigo Posse, and most recently the Burlesque Beauties Los Angeles. Emma has performed at/with The Old Globe Theater in San Diego CA, The Illyrian Players in Los Angeles, The New American Theater in both Los Angeles and New York as an acrobat, actress, choreographer and dancer. Emma is happy to be behind the scenes these days holding space for the creation of great theater. The future is feminine!

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                JUstin gunn                 artist & puppet master

Justin Gunn is a Santa Barbara based artist and filmmaker.  His passion for art and artists has led him to produce documentaries on large scale installation artists, art festivals, and parades from Burning Man (2007 National Emmy Award nomination) to the Santa Barbara Solstice Parade (2017 SBIFF Official Selection).  As an artist and fabricator himself, Justin builds and operates a fleet of whimsical, electric pedal-powered vehicles, constructs giant street puppets, and enjoys finding new ways to work in  metalcraft,  woodwork, fabric, electronics, and lighting.